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AI to the Rescue: Shield children from online harm.

CHIMALI is an AI-powered software program that protects children from harm by monitoring and analyzing their online activity. It uses machine learning to identify potential risks and threats, such as cyberbullying, sexual language, and privacy breaches.

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Speed & Security

Monitoring and alert

Go beyond with CHIMALI, the
AI-powered cybersecurity app
for children in LATAM.


What You Get with CHIMALI

Step 1 - Set up a parental account on our website.

Purchase the CHIMALI subscription that best meets your children's cybersecurity needs. You can set up your parental account through our website. 

Step 2 - Download the app in your children's devices.

Download CHIMALI on your children's phone or tablet via your app store. One account can be used across multiple devices. We recommend discussing with your children why this is a beneficial choice for both of you.

Step 3 - No news is good news.

No alerts from CHIMALI indicate a safe internet experience for your children. For deeper insights, CHIMALI offers a dashboard with essential information to ensure their online safety

Get to know our features: 

24/7 Activity Monitoring

We use Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition to understand, contextualize, and monitor online activity, providing a safe experience.

Analytics on children's activity

The parental dashboard enables you to review the data, providing the insights necessary to customize a safe online experience for both you and your children.

AI-powered notifications 

Whenever a dangerous or potentially harmful activity is detected, receive a notification accompanied by expert-written suggestions and resource links to help you manage the situation.

Guides for Customer Support

Online security is a learning journey for both you and your children. We are here to assist you in navigating this ever-evolving landscape. Our team of experts provides guidance and support every step of the way.

Built by experts

At CHIMALI, we understand that online protection for children demands expertise from various fields. Therefore, our team collaborates with specialists in child psychology, education, AI ethics, digital cybersecurity, and UX design, united in ensuring children's online safety.

Act now. Protect online navigation with the best available tools. 

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