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About Us

Get to know the core mission that drives us.

Every child with internet access deserves safety.


'CHIMALI' signifies 'shield' and 'protection' in both Náhuatl and Maya languages, embodying our mission. Earning caregivers' trust, we remain steadfast in our dedication to upholding our responsibilities.

Our Story

Latin American Children are being harmed online. After leading projects that made available cybersecurity guides for schools, as well as data-safety policy recommendations for governments and working in the legislation Public Sector, we realized that the problem of kids' safety online required immediate preventive action. Our cyber security mission aims to protect children and students in Latin America. Given that 80% of first contact in minor trafficking starts with social media encounters and that more than half of minor pornography is produced in Latin America it became crucial to attend the most pressing social issue for children in LATAM. Children in the USA and Europe are protected by laws like the GDPR; COPPA and FERPA, but this kind of regulation is lacking in our region. In addition to traditional parenting, monitors feature such as time limits and web access management, our solution employs AI to detect and address online issues such as self-harm, guns, bullying, predatory behaviour on social media, eating disorders, suicide depression, and other challenges facing this generation online.

Meet the team that can't be stopped

Full time founders

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Our Advisory Board

Ex-Minister of Education, Ecuador

Education Specialist 

President AMCID

Cybersecurity Expert

Nextia & Hybridge Education CTO

Tech Specialist 

General Director, Inter-American Children’s Institute (IIN-OAS)

Security Specialist 

Strategic Partnerships

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